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Four Unusual Places You Might Find Xignite Market Data APIs at Work

Jul 12, 2021 By Kerry Langstaff Categories - Client News

Xingite Market Data Displayed in a Lexus

At Xignite, we deliver market and financial data to hundreds of financial websites and applications through our developer-friendly and endlessly scalable APIs. These entities leverage our APIs to build a variety of useful functionalities for their users, from investing advice to market newsfeeds and everything in between.

Most of our clients are focused on this space, but not all of them. The truth is that the list of potential use cases for our data APIs is endless – if you can imagine it, we’ve probably already done it. Xignite has enabled businesses to leverage market data in some surprising places over the years, including eye-catching art installations, luxury vehicles, and private jets, to name just a few.

Below, you’ll read about four unexpected locations where you can find Xignite market data APIs. Where else would you like to see Xignite financial data? Let us know.

1. In an art installation 

Who says market data can’t come with a little artistic flair? When Beacon Capital Partners decided to redesign the lobby of its buildings In New York City and Boston, it enlisted the services of ESI Design, which was tasked with coming up with a concept that would appeal to multiple tenants and reflect the surrounding neighborhood. The result was an elegant design including marble walls and a series of videos and generative infographics capturing stock market info and local news, all displayed via LED screens that run across the lobby. Xignite provides data for the Dow Jones Industrial, Transportation, and Utilities Averages.

2. On a private jet

Xignite Market Data on Gulfstream Jet

Just because it’s difficult to make trades while traveling miles above the Earth doesn’t mean you don’t want to stay up to date on what’s happening in the market. The Gulfstream Aerospace Corporation displays a ticker of Xignite-powered stock quote data on its business jets, including bid/ask data, tick data, volume and time-weighted average prices, and a variety of other stats for more than 150,000 global equities, depository receipts and ETFs. This provides travelers with a comprehensive view of the securities that are making waves, even when other modes of communication may be closed off.

3. In a Honda, Hyundai, Kia, Lexus, Mercedes or Toyota 

Xignite Market Data in a Lexus

Imagine you’re stuck in your car on a long commute or a road trip and you want to check how that stock you bought yesterday is performing. Two Xignite clients allow you to request and receive this information in seconds, all without removing your eyes from the road. Hound, the voice search and assistant offering from SoundHound, Inc., Xignite-powered stock ticker functionality is now available in new vehicles from Mercedes and Hyundai, helping investors further integrate market updates into their daily lives. In a similar way, Lexus and Toyota owners can receive Xignite-powered stock quotes, indices, and mutual fund NAV information while driving via Cerence, which builds voice and AI systems that connect drivers to both their cars and their wider digital universe.

4. In a gold mine

Xignite Market Data in a Gold Mine

“There’s gold in them thar hills” and Agnico Eagle, a Canadian gold mining company, has found it. The global mining company produced 1,736,568 ounces of gold and 3.5 million ounces of silver last year. Xignite provides the company with precious metals data so they can obtain real-time price quotes for their newly found Gold, Silver, and other precious metals.

Kerry Langstaff

Kerry Langstaff

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