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StockCharts Migrates Market Data to Xignite Cloud Just Before Pandemic Hits Seattle

Jan 12, 2021 By Kerry Langstaff Categories - Client News


If you are an investor, financial advisor, or financial author you probably know about StockCharts, a Seattle-based company that has been providing sophisticated charting tools for the past decade. StockCharts requires vast quantities of financial data to power its visualization, charting, and tracking tools. Until recently the company was managing its market data from an on-premise data center and being forced to make architectural decisions based on what its data center could handle in terms of speed and storage, not on their technology. Their market data provider was just starting to build out some cloud offerings, but they were far away from what the business required. StockCharts decided to migrate its infrastructure to the AWS cloud and partner with Xignite to gain access to endlessly scalable market and financial data delivered through innovative cloud APIs - just in the nick of time.

In March the coronavirus pandemic hit Seattle and that city was one of the first areas in the U.S. forced to quickly shut down its office. Despite initial worries, the business began to take off as the month progressed - volatility was through the roof, and investors everywhere wanted to visualize what was happening. The rise of younger retail investors sustained this success. The ability to scale quickly and accommodate a high volume of new requests is a key aspect of Xignite’s value, whether as part of a longstanding growth strategy or in response to rapidly
shifting market dynamics.

Grayson Roze, Vice President of Operations at StockCharts recently said "With Xignite, getting all the financial data we need has become so much easier. It has relieved us of the burden of figuring out how to source things. Instead, we know exactly where we go to get the data and can access it instantly – it really is as simple as that. That is a huge, huge benefit for our business.”

Today, nearly everything that StockCharts produces is powered by Xignite. To learn more about the StockCharts collaboration with Xignite Download the Case Study

Kerry Langstaff

Kerry Langstaff

Chief Marketing Officer

Kerry Langstaff spearheads marketing and partnership efforts at Xignite. She is passionate about driving fintech innovation and has spoken at numerous fintech events around the world. 

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