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Xignite Introduces CloudAlerts for CryptoCurrencies

Jul 12, 2022 By Alexana Dubois Categories - Product Updates

When it comes to understanding the volatility of cryptocurrencies, timing is everything. Monitoring the movement of the market is key to managing your investments. It’s why we are proud to announce that our patented CloudAlert functionality now supports your Crypto needs. Following the launch of our Crypto Price Data API earlier this year, CloudAlerts for CryptoCurrencies now allows users to be quickly notified of market conditions for over 900 coins. Previously limited to Equities and ETFs, CloudAlerts helps you generate alerts on movements for an asset class that constantly fluctuates.

Since mid-June, cryptocurrencies have consistently depreciated, with 1 Bitcoin valued at roughly $18,000 for the past couple of weeks. But on July 7th, Bitcoin’s value increased to roughly $22,000–almost a 16% increase in 24 hours. While this leaves Crypto investors hopeful, will this positive trend continue or drop back down? With such a speculative asset, staying on top of the action lets users become more well-informed investors. If timing separates the wins and losses with Crypto, being up to speed with cryptocurrencies’ fluctuations is crucial to managing your investments. 

In response to the need for instant updates, CloudAlerts lets you create real-time alerts triggered by market conditions. With this highly-customizable service, you can determine what qualifications will trigger alerts for investors. Our technology lets you choose from a range of options for notifying users, whether it be through SMS, email, or direct-screen alerts. CloudAlerts enables you to massively scale market alerts for larger platforms, simplifying a traditionally arduous process. CloudAlerts alleviates the need for constant market monitoring, engaging and retaining customers with a service unmatched across the industry. It’s no wonder the unique technology behind CloudAlerts earned us a patent from the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) in 2020Want to see  CloudAlerts in action? Contact

Alexana Dubois

Alexana Dubois

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