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Xignite Introduces New ETFs API

Aug 23, 2021 By Katya Obyedkova Categories - Product Updates

Xignite ETFs API

Xignite has introduced a new API that provides advanced analytical and full holdings data for global exchange-traded funds (ETFs). ETFs have become one of the most popular investment vehicles for institutional and individual investors. Access to institutional quality ETF data is important to Xignite customers who develop apps for personal finance, wealth management, and retail trading.

The new API, XigniteGlobalETFs, offers daily and historical coverage of all listed exchange-traded products (ETPs) in North America, Europe, and the largest Asian markets. The ETPs include exchange-traded funds (ETFs), exchange-traded commodities (ETCs), exchange-traded notes (ETNs), and exchange-traded mutual funds (ETMFs). This data set includes full holdings data, updated daily and net asset value (NAV), returns and fund flows historical data since inception.

Xignite sources the ETF data from CFRA Research, one of the world's largest independent investment research firms. Our Data Quality team cross-validates the ETF data across sources and proactively detects and fixes any missing information. Read Post about Xignite's Data Quality Team

Xignite APIs are cloud-native and offer a robust selection of use case-based endpoints. These endpoints are ready-to-use pieces of code that developers can easily integrate into their product or app, regardless of type, amount, or frequency of data, without the need for any complex integration logic. The available XigniteGlobalETFs endpoints are:

GetHoldings - Returns all holdings sorted by percentage portfolio weight for the specified date and can be used to retrieve holdings for any fund.

GetETFCharacteristics - Returns characteristics for one or many ETFs for the specified date and can be used to provide easy access to other ETF classification data points required for analysis.

GetVolatilityStatistics - Returns average volume and volatility at the specified date.

GetFundFlows - Returns fund flows for selected ETF(s).

GetFundFlowsRange - Returns fund flows for a selected ETF across the specified time range and can be used to analyze and chart historical trends on fund flows and ETF performance.

GetHistoricalNAVs - Returns the historical NAVs for an ETF based on a start date and end date and can be used to analyze and chart historical trends on fund flows and ETF performance.

GetNAVs - Returns the closing NAV for one or more ETFs for the specified AsOfDate.

GetTrailingReturns - Returns trailing returns for one or many ETFs for the specified date.

SearchETFs - Returns a list of ETFs that match the search parameters, and can be used to power type-ahead search use-case in any application.

We've included a wide range of available input identifiers, such as CUSIP, ISIN, SEDOL, FIGI, and CompositeFIGI, to allow users greater flexibility and accuracy in maintaining their databases and systems. Users can request data using inputs from a vast pool of identifiers from any point in the timeline with these identifiers. Our API service will be able to identify the correct record using older identifiers and current ones regardless of past changes or inactivity. 

For more information on our ETFs API, contact

Katya Obyedkova

Product Manager

Katya leads product efforts for Xignite's Fundamental Solutions. Prior to joining Xignite Katya worked on a startup, Moka, where she developed alternative data dashboards for retail investors. Katya's passion lies at the intersection of Financial Markets Data and Natural Language Processing.

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