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Access Stock Price Data from Excel - No Coding Experience Required

Jul 31, 2020 By Wayne Leong Categories - Product Updates

Access Stock Price Data from Excel

Xignite financial data APIs are not just for developers! If you want to extract market data, such as prices, security master, fundamental data, etc , from one of Xignite's financial data APIs, but are not well-versed in .NET, Java, Python, Ruby or other scripting/programming language, don't worry we offer a Microsoft® Excel Add-In solution that lets analysts, portfolio managers, or anyone proficient in Excel to access our market data directly from a spreadsheet. Xignite’s Cloud AddIn lets you request real-time, historical, or fundamental data into your excel spreadsheets without a single line of code.  

However, If you are proficient in VBA for Excel, Cloud AddIn can also be used to create macros embedded in Excel Functions. The syntax is fairly simple with functions identical to the ones used in Excel. You can see in the GIF below, we called the xBDP function, declared the variable “vResult”, and then rendered the response value using the “Debug.Print” function in VBA.

Using the VBA feature we can create an in-Excel application that allows you to retrieve the value of a field. In the next we are using the same xBDP function to create a button that calls the xBDP function using cell C6 as the Security and cell C7 as the field.

With Cloud AddIn you can spend more time on actual analysis and modeling rather than manually entering data into a spreadsheet. You can access stream real-time market data directly into your Excel models to power multi-asset class portfolios, real-time P&L calculations and other similar tools, or perform time series analysis on historical pricing data of different granularity (Second, Minute, Hour, and End of Day- level) in just a few minutes.

If you are interested in learning more about the Cloud AddIn, please contact us at


Wayne Leong

Wayne Leong

Senior Product Manager, Xignite Enterprise Microservices

Wayne leads the product efforts for our new suite of microservices bringing more than 20 years of financial services and buy-side technology experience to the job. Prior to joining Xignite Wayne held various product management roles at IHS Markit, Franklin Templeton and Mellon Capital. Most recently he ventured into the fintech space working for a Cryptocurrency Exchange, and at financial advising firm Fingage.

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